Olga’s Organics Review

I often say I have enough oil on my face to kill the sea animals.  Don’t worry – I love the sea animals, but  I don’t love my skin.  Being such an oily mess often causes difficulties in finding products to work well for me.  I especially have a hard time with primers, foundations and powders.

Over the years I have tried hundreds of powders and have only found two that I absolutely love, but now I have a third to add to the mix.

Olga’s Organics loose face powder.


Let me start by saying I am not a huge fan of loose powders.  They tend to be messy and just don’t work for me most of the time but this one is totally different.

When Olga started this company, her vision was to create the first USDA Organic certified makeup on the market in the USA and that’s exactly what she did.  I must say that I love that there are only a handful of ingredients used to make this powder. You can find a full list of ingredients here.

Olga’s Organics loose face powder comes in 3 shades:  light, medium and translucent.  My skin tone is light/medium with yellow undertones and the light is perfect for me.  If you’re very fair, I would recommend the translucent, for I feel the light is a little darker than most of my ‘light’ powders.

I will be completely honest here – the first time I used this, I did not have high hopes.  Not because I did not think this company could make an amazing product, but because I have had so many negative experiences with powders in the past.

The first use – I used this to set one of my foundations that works really well with my oily skin.  The powder gave a beautiful finish and applied easily, it also had a wonderful aroma.  I wore it for about 10+ hours that day and by the end of the day my skin still looked great.

When I put the powder to the test for the second time, I used it with a foundation that doesn’t work as well with my oily skin and only holds up for a few hours.  Again,  I applied it and it gave a beautiful finish, although I thought to myself, meh, in a few hours it will probably all be melting off my face and I will be an oily mess.”  

I was wrong.


As the hours passed, I kept checking my makeup in the mirror, no signs of shine and still a beautiful finish.  I even touched my t-zone with my fingers (I know this is bad, but it’s not a habit I have) to see if I had any oil coming through.  No oil and my skin felt smooth as silk.

No matter what foundation I have tried this with, primer or no primer,  I always have the same beautiful results.  I only need to apply it once a day, whereas some of my other favorite powders I may have to apply 2-3 times a day.  There have also been powders in the past that I have had to apply countless times throughout the day and it ends up leaving my face looking cakey.

No cake face with this powder.

I am not sure if it is one ingredient or a combination of all that keeps my makeup in place and the oil at bay, but this has trumped all my other powders and become a holy grail of mine.

I am also happy that this is not as messy as most other loose powders.  The sifter works well and you can turn it so you can block it off for when it’s not being used if you want to carry it around with you.

If you’re looking for a powder that keeps oil at bay, is free of harmful ingredients and leaves a beautiful finish – this is the powder for you.  A container of this retails for $32, which is the average price of high end powders.  This lasts longer than most of those do, so it is a great value for your money.


Along with the powder, Olga’s Organics also carries body butter in a variety of scents and a makeup brush.  I would love to see them launch a pressed powder or a medium to full cover liquid foundation.  Eyeshadows and other makeup essentials would be nice, but with the results of this facial product, I would love to see more of those from them.  I am sure those products would be an A+ too.

I can’t wait to see what Olga launches next!

You can purchase any items mentioned in this review from Olgasorganics.com

**Disclaimer: I received these products for free to facilitate this product review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own. All photos courtesy of olgasorganics.com.


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