My Daughter Fragrances Review

A few weeks ago I talked about perfumes and how those are filled with chemicals as our our other beauty products ranging from skincare to makeup.  To find an all nautural fragrance that smells wonderful should be easier than it is, wouldn’t you say?  Think about all of the parts of nature that smell beautiful. Due to the fact that they are a part of nature, they are 100% natural…but along my journey I have found it difficult to find all natural fragrances that smell pleasant and I find myself reaching for it often.

My Daughter Fragrances is one such perfume line that does smell pleasant and I recommend you putting it on your list if you are living an all natural lifestyle or trying to make the change.

Janey, owner and creator of My Daughter Fragrances was kind enough to send me a few samples of  her scents: Always Loved, Joyful, and a spritzer bottle of Bloom 23. I can’t decide which is my favorite.

All of her perfumes are free of phthalates, colorants and parabens.  In the FAQ section of the My Daughter website it reads: “I have chosen not to put phthalates in my fragrance because they are linked to hormone disruption (they are basically a sticky,thick plastic)..and while they are a industry standard in perfume I personally think its nasty!

As someone who has tons of perfume, I can definitely tell a difference in the perfumes that I own between those with parabens and phthalates and those without.  I prefer those without.

Always Loved (50ml/$85.00): This is such a pleasant fragrance.  I truly believe anyone can pull it off; it’s not too strong or too sweet smelling.  Every single time I wear it, I get asked what it is and complimented on how amazing it smells.  The My Daughter website calls it “A true rose lovers potion! featuring bulgarian rose oil and turkish rose absolute. If a cowgirl went to Paris..she would come back smelling like “ALWAYS LOVED”.” A blend of Bulgarian rose oil, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, bitter cocoa absolute and turkish rose absolute this fragrance lasts all day and is great for any occasion. My fiance’ is very picky in the stuff that I wear, although I wear what I want…he absolutely LOVES this stuff and has stated he will buy me a full size bottle if I promise to wear it every day.  This is a must have for any woman who likes fresh scents.

always loved


Joyful (50ml/$85.00):  This fragrance is more on the sweet side as compared to Always Loved, but not so sweet that you won’t enjoy it.  It’s also a bit stronger, although its not too strong.  The My Daughter website describes this as “a fragrant love letter of orange flower, lime blossom, rose, jasmine and creamy sandalwood. Fresh and floral lovers rejoice!Joyful can be worn with your favorite jeans and a smile.”  I love that jasmine is one of the ingredients, as I absolutely love jasmine and I am drawn to almost any product that has it.  You can put it on in the morning and it will last throughout the day.


Bloom 23 (50ml/$85.00):  I would have to say this is my favorite one, although its so hard to chose. I am a sucker for spring like scents and this absolutely says spring.  It’s has a vanilla base (which I thought my fiance’ was going to hate because he hates vanilla) as well as white florals.  It smells so beautiful, fresh and light.  It’s another fragrance that I constantly get complimented on and if I had to recommend only one of the three, I would recommend this one if you like spring like floral scents.  I can not get over how beautiful it smells.


I can say that all of these fragrances smell like something you would find at a very high end department store – something that every woman wants.  The best part is, they smell just as good as those fragrances, if not better and they are better for you. I would not be surprised if one day you do see them in a high end department store.  They’re THAT amazing.

Yes, I know the price tag seems a little pricey but look at the cost for things like Juicy Couture or Marc Jacobs but at least with this you are getting a 100% all natural product and that’s what you are paying for.  I truly believe in most cases you get what you pay for and when it comes to all natural products, its ALWAYS worth the extra money and health benefits to you and your body.

If you would like to purchase a full sized bottle you can do so through the My Daughter website, as well as Birchbox and Ecodiva.

I also know it can hard to make an informed decision on whether or not you would like to buy a perfume product just by reading a review.  Ecodiva does have smaller sized bottles available for purchase.

If you’re looking for a great scent that you can wear at anytime and you will absolutely love, please do yourself a favor and checkout My Daughter Fragrances.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

**Disclaimer: I received these products for free to facilitate this product review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.
























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