Smith’s Lip Balm Review

When it comes to lip treatment, whether it be lip balm, lipstick, liquid lipstick…I am quite picky.

Over the years, Rosebud Perfume Co. has become a well known, popular lip treatment with a variety of flavors and scents. I received three  of their Smith’s lip balms for review, but today I am going to focus on my favorite, strawberry. They all work about the same in my opinion, but you have a decent variety to chose from.

The strawberry lip balm I received came in a 0.5oz tube, which runs anywhere from $5.00- $7.00 from Sephora, Ulta or other retailers. You can also buy this in a tin, but I prefer a tube for easier application and sanitary reasons. The tubes and tins have a vintage look – the tins are especially cute. The price may seem high for a lip balm, but your ounces compared to what you get in other balms is more and I can promise you end result will be better.

I have a few problems with lip treatments such as chapstick, Vaseline lip therapy, etc.  My first problem is – they feel heavy on my lips.  Secondly, they tend to be sticky.  At first they apply nicely but after a bit, my lips feel sticky and sometimes get some sort of weird residue and my lips look gross.  Who wants that?  Especially if you’re out in public or a social gathering. My third issue is – THEY JUST DON’T WORK! I have bought countless numbers of lip products over the years and after a few uses they get dumped in the trash can.

This glides on nicely, leaves no sticky residue, gives your lips a nice shine and lasts for hours, whereas you have to constantly reapply with a lot of other products.  I have found that you can also use this as a base coat under lip colors to add moisture as well as add color to your lips. I also love that this smells like strawberries but has no flavor.

Once again, most stuff that is artificially flavored tastes disgusting. I can have the most dry, chapped lips you could imagine and one application of this and a nights sleep, my lips are 10 times better the next morning.


I have been working on getting away from toxic chemicals and getting into all natural and organic beauty products.  I have lost over 150 pounds in two years, so I am trying to change what I put in my body via beauty products just like with what I eat and drink.

While not 100% all natural, the ingredients in Smith’s Rosebud Strawberry balm is better than most others you can pick up in stores like CVS and Sephora.  The ingredients in this balm are as follows: “Petralatum, vilvanolin, natural white beeswax, a trade secret blend of strawberry flavor, natural and artificial dyes.”  Their products are never tested on animal and are paraban free.

This lip balm has been called the best lip balm ever.  I can not say that I agree 100% with that opinion but I know many girls who absolutely love this lip balm and I do too.  I am just not sure if its my favorite ever, but it does rank near the top.

Not only can you use this to soothe sore, dry, rough, chapped lips you can also use it diaper rash, rough cuticles and dry skin. I have used it to soften my cuticles and on dry skin. It definitely helps with those issues, too.  It’s an all around great product.


If you’re interested in seeing what other options are available you can do so here.  As previously mentioned, you can purchase this through Sephora, Ulta and other retailers.

Have you tried Dr. Smiths Rosebud Salve?  What did you think? I’d love to know.

**Disclaimer: I received these products for free to facilitate this product review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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